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Were you a bride (or groom) that has had to deal with nut-jobs, crazy family members, acts of God, Mother Nature or any other wackiness...?

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Were you a bridesmaid (or groomsman) who had to endure the wrath of a bridezilla or crazy groom?  Did you have to grit your teeth and smile through insane demands on your time, energy and pocketbook?

Tell us about it!

Were you an innocent wedding guest who was subjected to wacky ceremonies, crazy receptions or just couldn't understand what you had gotten yourself into with that RCVP card?

What happened?!

Maybe you work as an event planner or in your line of work you occasionally need to cross paths with a bride-to-be and have wanted to pull your hair out?

Spill it!

Let it all out!  Vent!  Laugh about it and help us to laugh too!
(You know, statistics show that couples who have a good sense of humor are less likely to wind up divorced... just sayin'.)

Send in your scary wedding story. I'll publish it and let readers weigh in and commiserate with you.  Email your tale of woe (or humor)  to