Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Best Man ain't got no game. (Because he's an idiot.)

Erin at Peony Wire Works does amazing things with chicken wire.  It also appears that she is often invited weddings and has been witness to several wacky wedding situations.  She'll be sharing several of them with us.

First, I'd like to say that I am not a redneck.  I am however surrounded by questionable people (okay, some idiots), but that is not a reflection of me as a person.  Instead, I'd like to look at these  stories as lessons learned, or knowledge gained.  Please enjoy them for what they are... What KNOT To Do...

I think that I should have known that my track record with weddings was off to a shaky start when I was 16.    My sister was getting married, and I was Maid of Honor.  The groom chose his best friend as his Best Man.  The Best Man was 21 and I had known him forever.   

During the rehearsal dinner, the Best Man kept hitting on me.  Because I had known him for such a long time, I knew he was an idiot.  I repeatedly told him "No!" and kept trying to ignore his advances.  

The next day at the wedding, while we were standing up for the bride and groom, he continued to hit on me.  During their vows!  In front of the entire church full of people!  were up on a little stage for the vows portion, in front of a church full of people.  As the couple were saying their vows, the Best Man was mouthing words to me about us hooking up later...and yes there was some inappropriate hand gesturing on his part.

People stopped paying attention to the vows and turned their attention to the Best Man.  People were starting to laugh and the bride and groom became aware of what was going on.  My poor sister was barely holding it together, but the groom thought it was hilarious.  

I think that should have been the moment my sister knew it wouldn't last. 

It didn't.

Holy Jack-Assery! Who does that!?  Seriously!  

Thanks for sharing this story Erin! We're looking forward to your next tale of wedding woe!


MiMi said...

This is exactly like what happened to me when I was my sister's maid of honor when I was 16. Only the best man didn't hit on me...but I was afraid he would. He was GROSS!

Connie said...

Was the best man drinking? RUDE!

Erin said...

I'd like to say that he was drinking, but as Viv said, just your typical Jack-assery.