Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here... to give you a lecture.

Jayna Rae is a witty, fashionable, and crafty lady who writes the blog RockNRegalia.  She was kind enough to share the following story with us....

In January of 2006 I attended my cousin's wedding in Minnesota. Brrrr . . . a cold time for a wedding. That is not the bad part though.

No. No. The bad part is what the minister said during the service. I mean I was absolutely floored.

There he is, marrying my cousin to her high school sweet heart, a man who she had dated for several years, and the minister essentially admonishes them in front of the entire congregation of guests. What did he say? Well, my cousin and her husband had a daughter who was already two at the time, and he began to discuss the ills of pre-marital sex in the midst of their ceremony. Yes, I am serious. If he had a problem with this, then he should not have agreed to marry them. He should have recommended another pastor, or he could have discussed this with them at a time prior to the ceremony.
I felt so embarrassed for my cousin, her husband, their daughter, but most importantly for the minister. It is the person who espouses ignorance that deserves the most pity. He just didn't realize that he permanently would look foolish, as there was a video of the ceremony being made; isn't this typically the case. 

Anyway, like a good woman my cousin kept her calm on her wedding day. I think if it had been any other day he would have seen a different side of her. 

So, dear ministers of the world, if you do not agree with an aspect of a union then DO NOT PERFORM the union. At the very least, keep it to yourself during the ceremony. It is the couple's day, not yours.

Just so we understand.... the minister lectured a couple about sex before marriage...?  When they already had a child together...?  .... And during the wedding ceremony...?    Wow.  That must have been a super awkward ceremony to sit through.  

Thanks for sharing this one Jayna Rae, and if you have a scary/awkward/obnoxious wedding related story, please submit it. 


Erin said...

Way to be nonjudgmental rev!

Shawn said...

To quote Bon Qui Qui... RUDE!

MiMi said...

Oh geez!!! What an asshat!

Impulsive Addict said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! That did NOT happen! What was wrong with him?

So rude.

Rhonda said...

Disrespectful! We all do wrong...but he was WRONG that day!

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

What the motha?! Fail! How awful for them to have that happen. I have two kids and am not married to B yet... I hope to find a better pastor than that clown!

Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said...

That is awful. He ought to be ashamed of himself, putting someone's private business out there to everyone. Def not loving in the way of the Lord. I hope her day was beautiful regardless of his mistake.

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Connie said...

Is there a way to leave a YELP review for a minister?